2nd Attempt Of Hot Lady And Cool Guy

By - November 26, 2014 - 04:20 PM IST

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Have you heard of the concept of Philia and Neikos. Well, they are Greek words meaning attractive force and repulsive force respectively. They were conceptualized by the famous Greek philosopher Empedocles. Are you wondering why we are discussing this now? Well, this concept really works while choosing a hero and heroine for a film.

The onscreen chemistry is quite important and it is only the opposites that attract strongly. In that aspect, one hot lady and a cool guy are pairing up once again. They are the duo of Haripriya and Varun Sandesh respectively. Incidentally, their earlier venture was Abbai Class Ammai Mass where Varun was seen as a softie and Haripriya essayed the role of a firebrand.

Now, the duo is coming together for the new movie Ee Varsham Saakshiga. This is slated to be an enjoyable romantic entertainer and guess what? Sources say Varun has crooned a song in this movie. Directed by Ramana Mogili, let us wish the second attempt of this hot lady and cool guy works some magic at the box office.

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