Is The Hot Lady Misleading Public?

By - November 27, 2014 - 05:40 PM IST

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As most of you might be observing in the recent times, there are those actors and films that tend to rub a controversy just before the release because negative publicity is more publicity. In that aspect, some eyebrows are rising over the acts of a hot lady and doubts are being asked if she is trying to mislead the public.

The lady in discussion is the hot siren Shraddha Das. Soon, she would be seen in the Hindi movie Zid that is slated for release on November 28. But just two days ago, Shraddha came out into the media lashing openly at her co-star Mannara. She reportedly alleged that Mannara actually hit her in real though it was part of a scene.

Those who read this say it is looking like a publicity stunt. The fact that the film’s director Vivek Agnihotri mentioned he doesn’t want to put his head further into the issue has added more strength to the impression. Shraddha has actually tweeted Vivek’s statement and many feel she wants to keep the issue burning. But here is some inside news. It is heard that Mannara did hit Shraddha naturally to bring that realism but few unit members say it was looking more deliberate and as if Mannara carried some grudge. Well, we don’t know what the truth is but the news coming out just two-three days before release conveys strongly that it is a mere publicity stunt. Let us see how much this worked!

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