Senior Actress Made Scratch Heads

By - November 27, 2014 - 09:49 AM IST

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Cinema is an integral part of many of our lives so it is imperative that we would have our favorite heroine. It is not just about her beauty and sex appeal but there is a certain impression we form about that actress and any gesture or act of hers in reel or real tend to affect our impression on her.

This is the reason why one act of a senior actress is making everyone scratch their heads. She is none other than Khushboo and news is that she has gone ahead and joined Congress. At a time, when many are joining BJP and campaigning for ‘Swachch Bharat’ and other government initiatives, Khushboo’s decision has flummoxed many.

They say joining hands with winning hands either emotionally or for any other agenda is meaningful but the act of Khushboo going to ten janpath, meeting Sonia Gandhi, telling the media celeb Rajdeep Sardesai that Rahul Gandhi has all qualities to become PM is stumping everyone.

As such, Khushboo is known to be a firebrand and is vocal about her opinions on public forums and social networking platforms. So, it is not sure what is the motive behind this move is. At the moment, it is all confusing. It is not sure whether she is intelligent or whether we are foolish. All in all, it has become national news and though an AAP official joined BJP, more than that, this has become bigger news because Khushboo is a film star. Only time will reveal whether her decision is right or wrong!