Titans Of Tollywood In 2014

By - November 28, 2014 - 12:16 PM IST

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Though you might find this hard to believe, there is a good element of truth to it. Tollywood is in a very precarious situation when it comes to its economics and business. A series of flops and overshooting budgets for films are resulting mostly in losses for all projects. This is not just about small or medium budget flicks. Even the biggies are undergoing the same situation.

The TV channels are going back on paying for Satellite rights and audience is not showing interest to go to theatres. The over information through social media has also caused an impact. Unless it is exceptionally good, crowds are not coming to the theatres. Films that gained positive marks through internet publicity are resulting in collections at the theatres.

Given this situation, the duo of S S Rajamouli and Gunasekhar started their ambitious magnum opus in 2013. It is a double challenge for Gunasekhar because he is also the producer of his movie ‘Rudramadevi’. Despite all odds, they are still going ahead without stepping back. Hats off to their passion, agility, ability, maneuverability and they are literally driving a heavy vehicle in a very narrow lane. Undoubtedly, these two are the titans of Tollywood for 2014