Powerstar Dumma for Mukunda Audio launch?

By - December 03, 2014 - 03:43 PM IST

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A big disappointment once again for the Mega fans.

It has almost become a distant dream for all the Mega fans to see their favorite Mega heroes on stage “together”! They have been waiting from ages for that one magical moment and they kept waiting for it despite several disappointments (Of course, the Mega family has a good answer for this).

But, everyone assumed that Mukunda is an exception because Powerstar came for the opening of the film and blessed the young Mega hero. Now Varun Tej is gearing up for his debut film Mukunda’s audio launch today. And according to latest reports, Pawan Kalyan is not attending this special event also. Sources close to the actor cite health reasons behind Powerstar missing this event. Moreover, Pawan could not attend Memu Saitam event as well and attending this audio launch without coming to Memu Saitam would only buy more headaches for the actor.

Anyhow, Mega fans can once again expect Megastar launching Mukunda audio and blessing Varuntej while Powerstar’s wishes and prayers will always be with him.

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