Allu Arjun With K Raghavendra Rao

By - December 06, 2014 - 10:19 AM IST

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Reading the headline might make you think for a minute that stylish star Allu Arjun is joining hands with Mouna Muni K Raghavendra Rao for a new venture but it is not so. However, at the same time, there is an element of truth behind it. Bunny (that’s Allu Arjun’s pet name) would be seen sharing the screen with KRR.

You can catch this happening when you tune in to your television sets and watch the program ‘Soundarya Lahari’ being hosted by Raghavendra Rao and Suma. This week, the celebrity on the hot seat is going to be Allu Arjun and together, the duo would reminisce about the memories of their movie Gangotri.

Well, this was the debut venture of Bunny and he paired up with Aditi Agarwal, sister of Aarti Agarwal. News is that two more stars from the same movie are also going to join this discussion and who they are is suspense as of now. So, get set for a walk down the memory lane with Allu Arjun and K Raghavendra Rao then.

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