Finally Naga Chaitanya gets a Title!

By - December 09, 2014 - 05:22 PM IST

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In the case of big player films, it is usually the hero/director/heroine/movie theme or the combination that creates buzz but when Naga Chaitanya-Sudheer Varma film is concerned, it is the ambiguity around title that is keeping the film abuzz.

Recently, the first look teaser was also released without the title. Not just that, for all those who are bothered about the title of the film, the tail of the teaser had a quirky reply “Inka Maake Dorakala”. We can sincerely appreciate Sudheer Varma’s wit and sense of humor.

Though many names popped up earlier, looks like Naga Chaitanya finally got a title for his film. According to our inside birdies, the makers are seriously considering a title named ‘Dochey’. However, they are planning to reveal the title without much hype and wish to play the dark horse for a while.

Given the heist genre of the film, Dochey is a witty and apt title for Chai (Chaitanya). So, Chai…Dochey!

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