Hero Says No To Suicide

By - December 10, 2014 - 12:47 PM IST

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We don’t have to tell you how bad and depressing a suicide can be. But the suicide we are talking about here is not the literal act but a decision about career in particular field and a hero was sensible enough to say no to it. Well, it is the field of politics and as tempting as it may seem, there are many cine members who burnt their hands by getting into it.

Coming back to the point, the hero in discussion is none other than the Tamil star Vijay. From the past few years, the grapevine has been strong about Vijay’s political debut and in between few political parties did the needful to put him under check. But now, it is heard that Vijay has decided to stay away from it.

The reason for that is the words of wisdom from his father S A Chandraeskhar. According to reports, when Vijay expressed his opinion about setting up a party to his dad, Chandrasekhar made it clear that setting up a party is nothing but suicide and the field of politics itself should be thought about when Vijay touches 50. Fortunately, Vijay seems to have realized the truth behind his father’s words and took this decision. Maybe this would serve as an example for some of our heroes in Tollywood who might have some political aspirations.

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