Tollywood Celebrities At ATB

By - December 11, 2014 - 01:04 PM IST

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A place where celebrities huddle up often tends to gain a lot of brand value and demand from the common people. One such place which has emerged in the posh Jubilee Hills area is Absolute Telugu Buffet. This has been started by the director/producer Kuchipudi Venkat and this is not his first joint.

The unique thing about this place is its interiors and ambience. There are paintings on walls depicting the iconic J V Somayajulu in Sankarabharanam, Jayaprada, few dancers, bullock carts. The theme revolves around reflecting Teluguthanam and it also has Rajendra Prasad- Divya vani painting from their film Pelli Pustakam.

All in all, this is indeed a place to be if you are a lover of food and cinema.
Already Venkat has ‘Weekends At Kuchipudi’ ‘Ulavacharu Biriyani’ ‘Kitchen Off Kuchipudi’ and each joint has been the hot hub for foodies. Coming back to ATB, the likes of R P Patnaik, Neelakanta, Tammareddy, Kasi Viswanath, Madhura Sreedhar, Kalamandir Kalyan and others had their bites and then gave bytes to the media.