Musical Hits of the Season

By - December 12, 2014 - 04:51 PM IST

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It is known that songs play a key role when it comes to creating hype and expectations among the audience. And if your film has few chartbuster tunes then success is half guaranteed. So, here is a look at the musical hits of this season. The first place in that list goes to the movie Mukunda.

The tunes given by Mickey J Meyer have caught up with many age groups of listeners. There is also the Sankranthi release Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju wherein the tunes by Gopi Sunder are climbing the charts. In between them is the movie Ladies And Gentlemen which has found a place among the music lovers.

The track ‘Social network andi Babu…’ has gone viral among many and the tunes by Raghu Kunche are causing a lot of impact. Another film which is slowly making its presence felt with its songs is Chinnadaana Nee Kosam starring Nithiin. Some say even Avunu 2 will also have good songs because its director Ravi Babu has good taste for music.

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