Biggest Small Film Of Year 2014

By - December 13, 2014 - 10:03 AM IST

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Though the excitement and enthusiasm you have to watch a big film is much higher compared to a small film, the fact remains that the real economy of the entertainment industry relies on the performance of the small budget flicks because their quantity is high. This year, Tollywood has seen more than 170 small budget movies, as per a source.

Since 2014 is coming to an end a recap has revealed the biggest small film for this year. It is the film Karthikeya which went through lot of hassles and delays for its release but ended up clinching the top spot. Reports reveal the film has garnered a whopping Rs 25 crores collection which is a big record.

Not only that, the film has been running smoothly to reach the half century mark ie an authentic 50 days run and it has been declared a genuine hit. What Karthikeya has achieved has not only delighted its makers but also became a source of inspiration for all those small and medium budget moviemakers who believe that content is ultimate.

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