Two Films Chasing For New Year Day

By - December 18, 2014 - 10:04 AM IST

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In just two weeks, we would be seeing the end of 2014 and are all excited to welcome the new year 2015. While that may be the party mood, some serious competition is brewing in the Tollywood circuit. Well, there are two films which are keen to open the Tollywood account with their release on January 1st.

Incidentally, New Year is falling on a Thursday so they can encash the long weekend and gain good advantage. These two contenders are Ladies & Gentlemen and Pesarattu. While Ladies & Gentlemen is a multi-starrer with the likes of Adivi Sesh, Mahat, Chaitanya Krishna in the lead.

This is directed by Manjunath and Pesarattu is directed by Mahesh Kathi which has Nandu and Nikitha Narayana as the lead pair. The songs of both films have got good response among the youth and if they manage to arrive in theatres on New Year’s eve and score success, it would be a very positive start for Tollywood and a good sentiment for the industry.

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