Telugu Trailers Should Learn From Them

By - December 19, 2014 - 05:47 PM IST

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As audience, you give a lot of importance to the trailers because that forms the best impression about a film. This is the reason why filmmakers rack their heads to come up with the best trailer. But there is one gap that the Telugu filmmakers need to fill when they are releasing their trailers and here are the details.

The Tamil movie I released its fresh trailer and it came up with English subtitles. This makes a lot of sense because the trailer is going through Youtube and the content goes international. So, even if there is someone who doesn’t follow Tamil, they will get connected to the trailer and watch the film when it arrives.

By adding English subtitles, the awareness will rise and since the internet is open to the world, anybody from any corner of the globe can watch. Point is, when our films come up with their trailers, since the maximum viewership comes from Youtube, it is better to have English subtitles and that should add more audience to the film. 
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