"Call Me Chakri, I Call You Raaghu"

By - December 22, 2014 - 06:36 PM IST

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If you are thinking this is a dialogue from a film then it is not so. This is a dialogue which took place in real life between two film personalities. They are the veteran director K Raghavendra Rao and actor JD Chekravarthy. It is known news that the duo worked together for the movie Bombayi Priyudu which became a big hit.

It is heard that during the shooting, KRR went to Chakri and said “Calling you by your full name is quite lengthy and cumbersome, so from now on I will call you Chakri.” On hearing this, JD reportedly said “Okay sir, no problem. Even I feel the same about your name so you can call me Chakri and I will call you Raaghu.”

That’s how the deal was set and both have been addressing each other with those nicknames since. The point to be noted is, though there is a vast gap between their age and experience, both KRR and JD have shared a very friendly bond since then and continue to do the same.

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