K.Balachander- A Timeless Film Personality!

By - December 23, 2014 - 11:56 PM IST

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Heads and Tails are quite common and obvious outcomes when one tosses a coin. The thought itself that a new outcome might arrive is unusual. In the same way it is highly unusual to convince somebody by saying 2 into 2 equals 8 but not 6! In short, it is indeed a sensation and never before seen experimentation to show day as a night, sunlight as darkness, death as new life and do everything which was considered abnormal with such brilliance and perfection.

K.Balachander was one unique gentleman who did such experimentation in Stage, Cinema as well as Television. He created his own definition of subtlety for decades altogether with mastery and ease. He was a  textbook definition for speed as well as quality. As a playwright, film dialogue writer, screenplay writer and a director- this legendary personality never confined to his mother tongue Tamil alone. He encouraged talent irrespective of the region or language, explored new cultural values, places, made films pertaining to their nativity while getting praised as well as bashed in return!

To put it in short, Balachander tuned the audience as per his requirement and liking. People who are his fans as well as anti-fans were equally curious and interested whenever his films were getting released. They used to get mentally prepared for stunning characterizations, thumping dialogues, shocking sequences and brilliant subjects he took! The audiences take special care in observing Balachander’s vision of human values, and argue in such a way that two opposite advocates do in front of a chief justice! The only success formula Balachander believed in was to make the audience immersed in his storytelling.

There are many films being made by so many aspiring as well as experience film makers. Nevertheless, there is a unique difference between Balachander’s films and their films. His films touch the viewer’s nerve. The viewer doesn’t get irritated about why this filmmaker is questioning his/her way of living. Moreover, they appreciate the questions being posed! The viewer travels along with the character’s journey in a most realistic manner. When the audience watched a stubborn and strong character like Jayaprada’s in Anthuleni Kadha, they were stunned and shocked to see such a straightforward personality!

Balachander knew quite well that most of the film audiences belong to the middle class. Whether it is Cinema or Television, Balachander specialized in making the audiences think, entertained along with getting to know some fantastic characters through his work. No director can make an audience think at this level without understanding life with such perspective and present it with great mastery.

The film industry always had the notion that if a film gain’s the admiration and appreciation of women audience, then it would be a sure shot hit. Just for this sole reason, many filmmakers opted the conventional way of sacrifices, sentiment, weeping oriented subjects with women in forefront. Balachander was of no exception to this rule because his films always had strong female characters. But the way he presents a female character is mesmerizing. Just like an unpredictable third outcome while tossing a coin, he explores a hidden side of a woman’s role. Balachander’s heroines were always revolutionary. They question the social norms and reject restrictions around them. In the jargon of Cinema, it is called as different from routine idea!

Balachander always gave music at a higher seat along with strong storytelling and character establishment. He gave equal importance to music as well as the literary aspect of a composition. He used songs as an important tool to establish his characters and storytelling.

iQlikmovies.com remembers the legendary director K.Balachander on the sad demise and he will continue to live in our hearts as long as Art exists..

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