Ravu Ramesh Dialogues Steal The Show

By - December 25, 2014 - 10:21 AM IST

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When you are watching a film there are certain elements that really catch your attention. For instance, it could be the comedy track, the glamour quotient of the heroine or the stunts or making standards. But if there is one thing that strikes the heart instantly it is the dialogues.
The power of dialogues is so high that many remember it for a long time and some of them are also used in other movies. Now, in the latest release Mukunda, one man has stolen the show with his dialogues and dialogue delivery. He is none other than Ravu Ramesh and most of his dialogues contained satirical humor.
Those who saw the film say his scenes with Raghu Babu are hilarious and the Telugu medium physics terminology was enjoyed by all. Even those who don’t know will laugh at Ravu Ramesh’s modulation. Throughout the film, on and off there are few dialogues. As such, the film’s director Sreekanth Addala is a physics student in Telugu medium, that effect is shown in the film. Even in one of his earlier ventures Kotha Bangaru Lokam he wrote a song ‘Kalaasaalalo…’ wherein he used terms like Newton and some physics element in Telugu. Coming back to Mukunda while the dialogues are an interesting treat, Ravu Ramesh made it even more worthy with his performance.

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