Bollywood Eyes On This Tamil Hero

By - December 26, 2014 - 06:54 PM IST

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If becoming a hero is your career ambition and if you hail from any other industry apart from Mumbai then you would consider Bollywood as the ultimate destination. It is a huge challenge for even the established stars of other industries to make a mark in Bollywood. From south, only very few managed to achieve that.

But the scene reverses when Bollywood starts taking notice of a south Indian hero. One man who has come into focus right now is Vikram. Though he was seen in the movie Raavan, Vikram’s real versatility is now being seen in his new movie I. Some are also arguing that he is much more versatile than Aamir Khan himself.

One look at his filmography reveals how Vikram has proved to be a high caliber performer and his films like Aparichitudu, Sivaputrudu and others have shown extreme contrasts in his acts. Now, I is taking it to a new level because Vikram has changed his physical appearance for the movie. The trailer itself has stunned many biggies in Bollywood. So, let us see how this is going to change the Tamil star’s fortunes.

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