Lord Krishna's Bike At Premiere Show

By - December 27, 2014 - 05:56 PM IST

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All of you know that Lord Krishna doesn’t have a carrier of his own unlike the other Hindu Gods so if you are wondering what is this bike issue and a premiere show then here are the details. A bike is being branded as Lord Krishna’s bike because the God uses it on silver screen.

We are talking about the film Gopala Gopala which has power star Pawan Kalyan essaying the role of Lord Krishna. He is seen along with victory Venkatesh in the movie and sources reveal there are a few scenes wherein Pawan is seen riding the bike which is customized like a designer bike.

Now, the talk from the Gopala Gopala unit members is that they will put this bike on display when the premiere show will take place. Whether they will also put it on posters or auction it after the film’s release is not known yet but the demand for that bike will be high. We will get further clarity on January 14th once the film releases.

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