Dance Becoming 'Must' For Singers

By - January 02, 2015 - 11:28 AM IST

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Are you planning to become a singer then don’t think that having a great voice and command over modulation will take you to places. Nowadays, the requirement has become further. Well, the singers are expected to know how to groove to the beats. Yes, we are talking about their dancing skills.

Lately, singers are having to learn dance and this is for stage shows. Without dance it is not giving that required amount of kick to the spectators. From his end, the dynamic music director Devi Sri Prasad has created that trend. These days, Thaman also gives some body movements though he doesn’t dance.

Even Raghu Kunche is also focusing on dance because without dance, it is not really working out.  That entertainment is more when it is not just light movement but giving some professional steps and moves by the guests. This is not something new because many rockstars and pop artistes in the West already implemented it.