Veerappan's Flute Torture

By - January 02, 2015 - 11:11 PM IST

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The only name that comes to your mind when we say forest brigand, it is the moustache man Veerappan. As long as he was alive, Veerappan created terror in the lives of the forest dwellers and also the governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. One of his highlight acts was the kidnapping of Kannada Kanteerava Rajkumar and it is heard that Veerappan had his own style of torture on this matinee idol.

Rajkumar was held hostage for a total of 108 days and it is heard that during that time, he was made to walk the entire forest along with Veerappan. As such nothing troubled him like staying, walking, living like a kidnapped victim but the biggest torture was Veerappan and his flute.

It is heard that Veerappan used to play flute and ask Rajkumar how the tune was. As it is, Rajkumar is a trained classical singer and he used to sing for his own songs. Veerappan’s flute tunes had no tune no melody but he used to play it daily for 10 times at least and ask for Rajkumar’s opinion.

Sources say the impact of flute torture was so strong that even after he came back out of Veerappan’s hold, Rajkumar could still experience the unbearable flute tune ringing in his ears for a long time.