Short Film Is Shortcut For Big Screen

By - January 04, 2015 - 05:16 PM IST

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It is already proven that short films is a path to big screen. Even the famous filmmaker Shoojit Sircar has asserted that. In Tollywood also there are many directors like Merlapaka Gandhi, Vijay Kumar Konda who became film directors after doing short films. Now, an opportunity has come for you to show your mettle in filmmaking by participating in a Short Film competition.
There are sizeable benefits by taking part in a film fest. Instead of uploading in youtube, by taking part in a common platform, the competitive edge brings the best. Iqlik is organizing this short film festival wherein the 1st prize is Rs 1 lakh, 2nd prize is 50k, 3rd prize is 25k.

Ideally, it costs around 25k for making a short film. Given that case, if you win first prize you can make 4 more movies. On the other hand, it is also an encouragement to make more short films. Even Puri Jagannadh also suggested to make short films by convincing someone else to produce it. This is also part and parcel of film business and a director must have those skills. Puri adds that if you can’t get 25k for a short film how can you convince a producer to spend crores on your film. Also, a short films brings out some talented actors.

Viva Harsha belongs to that segment. Even Nagababu’s daughter Niharika also started her career by directing a short film and got into TV hosting. Coming back to the Iqlik short film competition, the last date is February 20th and for further details