Pawan to meet the injured Fan

By - January 05, 2015 - 06:00 PM IST

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Audio release events have turned nightmares for the stars these days. No wonder they are reluctant to conduct such events! The series of unfortunate events taking place during audio launch events are really bothering the stars.

The most recent case of K Srinivas (a Pawan Kalyan fan from Guntur) being knifed in the neck by an unidentified assailant has indeed become a sensation. None from the movie unit or the organizers have responded on this yet but finally the Powerstar himself opened up through his official Twitter account. He announced that he shall meet the injured fan and also made a personal plea to all the fans –

“Yesterday's unfortunate incident where one of our fans was attacked at the audio function of 'Gopala Gopala'has disturbed me a lot

I am going to meet him personally once he gets discharged from the Hospital.

I humbly request you all to avoid such incidents in the future. Your safety is my 'PRIORITY'.”

Well, Pawan has expressed his love and care for his fans on multiple occasions. He even prayed for one last victory for the fans and hope this plea should reach his frenzy fans. Wishing a speedy recovery for Srinivas…