Temple For Celluloid Rudramadevi

By - January 05, 2015 - 09:30 AM IST

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The moment you hear the name Rudramadevi, more than the ancient warrior Queen of the Kakatiya regime, your mind would drift only towards the awesome beauty Anushka. The reason for that is Anushka is doing the role of the warrior queen on celluloid and the project is helmed by director Gunasekhar.

Now, the latest update is that a temple is going to be built for Anushka albeit for reel life purpose and not real life. Well, all this would be seen in the new movie Gaddam Gang. Incidentally, this is the remake of the Tamil cult hit Soodhu Kavvum. In the original, one of the lead character ends up building a temple for heroine Nayantara in his village and he gets ousted by the locals and even his family.

The same scene is going to be reprised in Gaddam Gang and the only change is, instead of Nayan, it is going to be Anushka. The culture of building temples may not be prevalent in the Telugu states but it is a reality in Tamil Nadu. Well, Anushka’s fans would be happy to see the celluloid temple for sure. 

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