Director's Interview Series As Book

By - January 07, 2015 - 06:11 PM IST

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The common forms of interviews that you see are usually in print or electronic format. But have you ever come across a situation where in, an interview gets converted into a book? Well, something like that is about to happen and we are sure you may not be surprised when you hear the name responsible for it.

He is none other than the Ram Gopal Varma and the eccentric genius has been giving interviews for the Tollywood channel. They are being aired as a series of interviews under the name ‘Ramuism’. Each episode comprises of a particular topic and RGV has been giving his own rational perspective on that.

Once it was about God, once it was about love and another episode was about women. Now, based on all his viewpoints and the interview, a book is being shaped up and further details about this are going to be announced soon. So, if you are a fan of Ram Gopal Varma, brace yourself for this new book and don’t regret missing the TV interviews.

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