'Surya Vs Surya' Inspired From Hollywood?

By - January 08, 2015 - 04:39 PM IST

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Whenever you come across a storyline which is out of the box or unconventional in Tollywood, as audience you would be intrigued. But the directors fraternity thinks otherwise. They cannot digest a fellow director coming up with something offbeat yet original. Hence they conclude that he has copied it from somewhere.

This seems to be the talk happening in filmnagar circles right now about the new movie Surya vs Surya. Apparently, the hero cannot get exposed to sunlight as he suffers from a condition called Porphyria. The moment this line was understood, talk began to spread that the story is inspired from any Hollywood flick.

But so far, no inspiration looks around so we can say it is the director Karthik Ghattamaneni’s own thought. Down the line we might know if it has been lifted from some Korean or other language movies but for now we should believe it and feel proud and pat him on his back.

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