Main villain of Gopala Gopala

By - January 09, 2015 - 01:55 PM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Victory Venkatesh starrer Gopala Gopala movie is slated for grand release tomorrow and movie buffs are anxiously waiting to witness the GOD on silver screen. But the Main villain of Gopala Gopala has generated a lot of disturbance to the producers and Pawan fans in the past two days.

We are mentioning about the censor board officials and their villainous part during the process of Gopala Gopala censor work. CBFC officials received Gopala Gopala movie for censor on 9th Jan, 2015 but the concerned officer was on a three day leave and this has delayed the movie in getting censored.

Finally yesterday, the censor board cleared the last hurdle and gave a Universal viewing status to Gopala Gopala movie. A last minute release tension was witnessed by the production house and sources added that one day postponement would have brought Rs 10 crores loss to Gopala Gopala makers. Thank 'GOD', everything has fallen in place for Gopala Gopala!