Will Pawan Kalyan react on RGV tweets?

By - January 12, 2015 - 08:55 AM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan created sensation stepping into the social networking platform Twitter and as expected his followers' record bombarded without barriers. Many waited what would be Pawan Kalyan’s second tweet after New Year’s wishes and guessed it might not be related to movies.

But Pawan tweeted about the tragic incident happened at Gopala Gopala audio launch and hinted that his twitter account is not limited to only politics. This was a big relief to Pawan Kalyan fans and curiosity surrounded about his future tweets.

There is a strong feeling in Pawan Kalyan fans from past few hours that he must react on Ram Gopal Varma tweets. As usually, RGV is showering love on Pawan Kalyan with his tweets and sticking to his image created drift of linking Chiru’s 150th film with Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film, which sent negative vibes in mega fans. Pawan Kalyan has to put an end to annoying and provoking tweets of Ram Gopal Varma ASAP, according to PK fans.

Here are RGV tweets few hours back.  

“Tom cruise will jump off Empire State building and SRK will go underground if he sees the actual P K”
“Real P K Pawan kalyan unlike Aamir doesn't need a great script/great director cos his very presence in film is what makes a great film”
“Am very keen what will happen if great 150th film of Chiranjeevigaaru's nd just another film of Pawan Kalyan's releases on the same day”

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