Weight Problems Troubling Asin?

By - January 13, 2015 - 04:29 PM IST

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Most of you would agree that when you watch a heroine onscreen, you expect her to be a perfect package of beauty, sex appeal and also great stats. Yes, this is the reason why the starlets slog it out at the gym and other places to ensure they stay in shape. All it takes is just those extra pounds to end her career.

This seems to be the problem right now with one hot heroine. She is none other than Asin. At a time when she was poised to become the queen of south Indian cine circuit, Asin took the fancy of proving her prowess at Bollywood. However, she was shown her place and got relegated to a regular starlet.

Now, a grapevine has arrived from Mumbai that Asin has suddenly put on weight and due to that the shooting of her new movie All Is Well has fallen into a bit of crisis. Thoughts are on to reshoot the scenes and Asin is reportedly told by the director to shred those pounds. Asin is now touching 30 so it is about time she puts more focus on her weight and that would sustain her career for some more time.