Manoj's Wrong Calculation

By - January 14, 2015 - 05:43 PM IST

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As an actor, you must have the aptitude to use your reason in certain situations and not trust your talent. This is something the Bollywood’s sought after talent Manoj Bajpayee didn’t pay attention to, as per the critics from Mumbai. Okay, are you wondering why are we talking about this actor here?

Well, Manoj reprised the role of the powerhouse actor Prakash Raj in the movie Tevar which is the remake of Gunasekhar’s Okkadu. Apparently, the makers told Manoj to watch Okkadu and most importantly Prakash Raj’s character. However, Manoj reportedly said “No, I won’t see it. I have my own interpretation of the character.”

Now, the cinema didn’t work at the box office and many critics are saying Manoj’s characterization and body language is also is a reason. It should be powerful since Manoj is the antagonist but they state that he ended up doing it rather clownishly. When the antagonist is not strong, film will not work. The Mumbai critics are suggesting Manoj should have watched Prakash and recall how Nana Patekar did Shakti after he watched Prakash Raj’s character in Antahpuram. Maybe next time Manoj!

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