'Ladies And Gentlemen' Platinum Disc Event

By - January 19, 2015 - 07:00 AM IST

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If you are familiar with the film industry’s pattern of working, the platinum disc event is conducted a few days after the audio release is done. The talk now is about the new movie Ladies And Gentlemen which is gearing up for its platinum disc event. The film is scheduled for release on January 30th.

Before that, the platinum disc would be organized. Apparently, the songs got very good reach and response through caller tunes and ringtones. In the event of that success the makers are doing the platinum disc event. In previous times, when a particular number of CDs were sold, platinum disc event used to happen.

But now, those days of CDs and cassettes are gone and the success parameter revolves around the number of caller tunes and ringtone downloaded. This is the new age formula. As for Ladies And Gentlemen platinum event, an official announcement will be made soon by the makers.

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