Milk Beauty's Weight Secret

By - January 21, 2015 - 10:31 AM IST

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The only name that comes to your mind when you hear milky beauty is Tamannah. True to the title, Tamannah is blessed with a skin that constantly glows and a beauty that is hard to resist. Normally, heroines tend to be slim and trim with a lot of focus on weight maintenance but what Tammu is doing right now is raising eyebrows.

Apparently, the pretty girl has piled on few extra pounds and is looking chubby. In a way, she looks extremely delicious but that’s not how it works for heroines so why this change. Well, here is the secret. Sources close to the heroine reveal Tammu has cast her eyes upon Kollywood and wants to grab the top spot there.

Incidentally, the Kollywood audience love to see their leading ladies with flesh at the right places. This is the reason why the apple pie beauty Hansika put on some weight and went to Tamil and rocked. Now, Tammu is following the suit so let us hope her efforts bear fruits among the Tamil viewers.