Teja makes a Producer Villain!

By - January 23, 2015 - 07:13 PM IST

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Teja is an eccentric Telugu movie director who believes and makes films of his kind. Come what may, he keeps making his kind of films. He was the one made love stories a rage and he is perhaps only the one who can make love stories eternally.

However, he also holds the unique credit of introducing fresh and worthy talent like hero Uday Kiran to Tollywood and excavating the unseen shade of an actor (in the case of hero Gopichand). Now, latest reports reveal that, director Teja is apparently turning a renowned producer into a villain.

As per sources, DS Rao, the producer of Telugu films like Pilla Zamindar, Mr Nookayya shall be seen as a lead baddie in Teja’s upcoming film with newcomers. We saw Telugu producers like MS Raju doing cameos in their films but a producer doing a lead role and that too as an antagonist is something we’ll get to see only with Teja.

This is a very tricky game where things gets topsy-turvy overnight. So, Teja might hit the purple patch with this film and the producer might attain stardom with his debut performs – who knows!

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