Prabhas 'Bhakta Kannappa'-Wrong or Right?

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You may have seen many films in your lives and some among them stood as trendsetters and cult classics. One film which comes from the past is Bhakta Kannappa and it gave a very different range of stardom to rebel star Krishnamraju. Now, the discussion is on about its remake with young rebel star Prabhas in it.

Sources say it has been a long standing desire of Krishnamraju to remake it with Prabhas who is also his nephew. Basically, Bhakta Kannappa is a historical and mythological character. He was there for real and many of his stories still make rounds. Doing a remake is nice provided the budgets are in right place.

On one side, there are films like Rudramadevi and Baahubali happening which is generating a new interest on mythological and historical subjects. Whether it would bring Prabhas the right kind of success or not, when he looks back at his career, a film like this will get carved in golden letters in his life. Let us see what he decides.

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