Other side of Anjali Pub Incident

By - January 25, 2015 - 02:36 PM IST

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It is known to everyone that actress Anjali was in news for an alleged tiff at a restaurant Saturday night.

But the actress condemned it saying, "I was in a private party with my friends and relatives at Tabla restaurant. A group of photographers came to me and asked to pose for them. Since that was a private event and not a filmy one, I denied them. This irked a few and called someone to scroll in their channels that I was drunk and made a mess in the restaurant. Within few moments the scrollings started without even consulting me to know my version. This is pity. One can check the CCTV footage of the restaurant if anyone wishes to give some time and know the truth".

Sources also say that no case was booked against the actress in any police station. This is another side of the story to be underlined.

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