Nayantara's Wonderful Publicity Stunt

By - January 27, 2015 - 01:21 PM IST

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Any proximity that you may have towards cinema will bring you the fact that it is only publicity and proper packaging of a film that leads to success at box office. These days, doing publicity alone is not the game, doing it in a creative manner has become the in-thing. So, here’s one for example.

Recently, the gracious beauty Nayantara was spotted on a busy road at Pondicherry buying a bottle of beer from a roadside wine shop. It took many by surprise and in no time, the video went viral across the net. While many were under the impression the video was taken by a roadside stranger, here is the inside news.

It is heard that the cinema unit for which Nayan was doing that scene got it recorded from a mobile and it was projected that some outsider has done that. Actually when someone like Nayan is shooting nobody in the sets is allowed to use mobile phones. So, this has worked very well for publicity and it has created the right kind of buzz for the film. For the record, it was for a Tamil film Naanum Rowdy Thaan.

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