RGV tweets - Satire or Suggestion to Chiru?

By - January 28, 2015 - 03:40 PM IST

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Looks like busy bee Ram Gopal Varma got some free time. He is back on Twitter with some sensational comments. We know he is an ardent fan of Chiranjeevi and he is the one of those who initially requested Chiru to do his 150th film for his fans.

And even Chiru is hunting for the right script and the right person to handle this prestigious film. While Chiru is in no hurry, fans like RGV are passing few free advices. RGV’s latest tweets go like this -

"I hope chiranjeevi gaaru will direct his 150th film himself because from whatever my interaction with him he knows more than every director
If Chiranjeevigaaru works wth directors Trivikram Vinayak etc it will be just another etc film but if he does himself it will b the film
I am very sure that Chiranjeevigaaru has the wisdom nd intelligence to direct his 150th film himself
If Chiranjeevigaaru doesn't direct his 150 th film himself it will be a bigger mistake than him starting prajaraajyam party
Chiranjeevigaaru directing his 150th film himself wil b a spectacular event of his 3 decades and his truly true fans will have an orgasm
Chiranjeevigaaru's 150th film if directed by Chiranjeevigaaru himself wil b Bahubali of Chiranjeevis films nd if not wil b Jst anthr film"

Reading these tweets, anyone might easily fall into a dilemma if it is a suggestion or a satire on Chiru! Well, RGV alone can clarify this confusion. Meanwhile, we’ll see if Chiru buys Ramu’s idea.

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