Anushka's bumper gifts for her staff!

By - January 29, 2015 - 01:32 PM IST

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They say there is a woman behind every man’s success. But on a general account without a team or few pillars, no one can succeed in life. In a bird’s view, we only see the stars but there are few people who have dedicated their lives in the support of these stars. Right from their drivers to personal stylists, these people are always with the star and for the star.

Some stars might just pay them but Anushka is not one of them who think money can alone bind people. She has gone a step ahead and is doing something more for her staff. As per the latest inside reports, Anushka has bought a plot in Hyderabad and shall raise flats with all the amenities. She shall soon gift these flats to all her personal staff. Sweety Shetty is really Sweet.. isn't she?

Recently, Samantha has grandly celebrated her assistant's birthday and even Mohan Babu and family have done a film without remuneration for the sake of their staff. Our Tollywood is really a blessed place with all these humane stars.