Official Benefit Show of Temper?

By - January 30, 2015 - 09:48 AM IST

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There are many among us who are passionate about cinema and there is no need for anyone to have an introduction on benefit show. It usually happens during the early hours in dawn and the tickets are sold at premium. These benefit shows are organized by fans belonging to the particular hero of that film.

But an interesting situation has risen in terms of the new movie Temper. The film’s producer Bandla Ganesh has announced officially that the muhurtham for release has been fixed as 5:07 am on February 13. This would mean the official first show is going to take place during the early hours of the day.

However, given that timing, it is more like an official benefit show because the regular theatres will not be screening the film at such a time. Now that the date and time are fixed, we have to wait and see who is going to initiate the show. For now, fans of young tiger Jr NTR are rejoicing over the announcement of release.

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