Puri Jagan's Pet Dogs Also Acted

By - January 30, 2015 - 02:00 PM IST

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The reason why filmmaker Puri Jagannadh is called crazy director is due to his radical storylines and his unusual etching of the protagonist along with rough and tough image. This has driven the mass audiences crazy with admiration towards Puri. Akin to that, Puri also has the habit of giving few surprises.

This time, he has done that with his pet dogs in his new movie Temper. The teasers of the songs were unveiled as part of the audio release function and the number ‘One more time..' is getting a massive response. If you watch the clip, the starting shots so few pet dogs of different breeds.

A source from Puri’s camp has revealed they are Puri’s personal pet dogs. The filmmaker loves pets and already, there are many exotic species of birds at his office. So, technically, even Puri’s pets have made their debut in Tollywood with Temper. The film is due for release on February 13. So let us see if there are any more surprises in it.

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