Lessons to learn from Ramoji Rao

By - February 02, 2015 - 06:30 PM IST

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Imagine all those moments in your life when you see a very successful and enterprising person. The most common thought in all those encounters will be “I must become like him/her”. Yes, that’s the kind of inspiration certain people give to others. That way, there is one man who is nothing short of a lighthouse to many.

He is none other than the media baron Ramoji Rao. Starting his life in a humble manner, he established an empire beyond description. Now, there are some important lessons to learn from him especially for producers. Even a big gun like Ramoji Rao is doing small budget flicks currently.

There are many enthusiastic producers who need to look at him and learn why he is doing so. Despite having full infrastructure to make a film without any expense, Ramoji is making small budget movies. The logic is simple, the risks are high with big budget movies and the business of cinema is not that fetching in current market conditions. Having so much clout and resources, when Ramoji is doing something like this then it is to be taken as a perfect lesson by those few producers who do not analyze the ins and outs and splurge.

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