A man who stole Rs 10 lakh crores!

By - February 05, 2015 - 06:03 PM IST

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Yes you heard it right! Not Rs 10C but in fact Rs 10 Lakh Crores!

What if someone robs Rs 10 Lakh crores not from a petty bank in a corner but in fact from the Reserve Bank of India? For goodness sake, we aren’t kidding!

You might think it is some movie. For now, it is a movie but “it can happen in real”, said Kiriti Rhambatla, the man behind this master plan of Rs 10 lakh crore theft. This Television host turned actor Kiriti takes pride in introducing India’s first geopolitical neo-noir heist film titled Taskara.

The term might sound lengthy but the concept of the film based on Political economy has surprised the industry and in fact several Economics experts as well. The recently released trailers of Taskara movie have impressed one and all. Encouraged by the response, the makers of Taskara movie are planning a unique promotion for this unique movie.

Further details of the audio and movie release shall be revealed shortly. But the industry onlookers are wondering at the brilliance of the concept and economical making of the film. Good days for Telugu Cinema? Let’s wait and watch!

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