Superstar's Fight Against a Film

By - February 06, 2015 - 04:33 PM IST

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Are you surprised with the above title? But it is the real news regarding the superstar of south. The news came as surprise to many of us. But the real excerpts regarding this matter are given below.

Tamil actor Aditya Menon who did some character artist roles in Kollywood now turned into hero and acted in a hindi movie called Mai Hu Rajnikanth. Here the issue is after watching the promos and trailers of this movie Rajnikanth himself felt that these videos can cause damage to his name and stature. Then he decided to stop the release of this movie in Tamilnadu. He filed a case in High Court and got the stay for film.

According to the Faisal Saif director of the movie expressed his grief on issue that this movie is not made to decline or destroy the image of Rajnikanth. This title is kept for the movie based on the story line only. On the whole episode producer of the movie Suraj is appealing in Supreme Court against the verdict of High Court. 

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