Ali's Public Satire On Heroine

By - February 09, 2015 - 11:08 AM IST

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‘I think the key attributes for a good speaker are someone that's articulate and someone that puts a fair amount of humor into what they do.’ these words from Jo Brand apply to many of those from the entertainment industry who get onstage during award nights and other film related events.

In Tollywood, one man who is adept for his fun intended humor is comedian Ali. His spontaneity is one thing and the comic timing he has with a touch of satire can send anyone into peals of laughter. This time, the venue was the GAMA (Gulf Andhra Music Awards) at Dubai.

Apparently, the gorgeous Gowri Munjal was one of the celebrity guests and when she entered the chartbuster song ‘Bunny bunny…’ was played in the background. Ali, who was anchoring looked at Gowri who has put on some weight and said “Bunny cinema appudu Thati Munja laa undedhi…ippudu thatikaya la tayarayindi’. This resulted in huge laughter among the crowds. Whenever Ali says it is always on a lighter vein and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Gowri took it quite sportively and flashed her beautiful smile.

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