I Lessons to Cine Bigwigs

By - February 10, 2015 - 11:14 AM IST

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Whenever you see a big budget flick in the offing, there are many learning points you get. It is not just for the audience perspective but also for the filmmakers and other cine fraternity members too. This is the reason why the recent release I seems to have taught few lessons to the cine bigwigs.

Apparently, I has come with a huge budget and though it opened with a negative talk, the collections didn’t dip. Of course, external factors such as festival time, holiday time, Shankar and Vikram’s image, the hype contributed to it and the film managed to touch Rs 100 plus crores collections.

However, despite that, the final report has revealed the film has incurred a loss of Rs 20 crores which means the buyers have lost some vital amount. This is a big blow and lesson to the big budget makers. Even if profits come, how much margin will be there? This may not be the case with the Bollywood flicks given the scope of their market and reach. Point to remember is, South Indian movie is South Indian movie, Hindi movie is Hindi movie. That difference will definitely be there throughout.

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