Pesarattu Sequel as Minapattu?

By - February 11, 2015 - 05:57 PM IST

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After grabbing a lot of attention with its title and creating maximum hype as Tollywood’s first crowd funded film, the movie Pesarattu hit the screens and even before it could complete a week, it got over roasted and exited the screens. The man behind this happens to the famous film critic Mahesh Kathi.

This was his debut directorial venture and though he is being slammed mercilessly from all sides, he is enjoying the entire criticism sportively. Those who know Mahesh closely reveal he takes cinema as a pleasure instead of business or career. Everyday he watches one movie without fail.

While that is one side, news now is that Mahesh Kathi si all set to come up with a sequel to Pesarattu and he would be titling it as Minapattu. Though no official announcement has been made, sources say Mahesh is already doing the groundwork and things will be revealed soon. Get ready for this one then!

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