Kajal discovers maturity in Young Hero

By - February 11, 2015 - 09:29 AM IST

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The common thing you would find among a hero and heroine is that most of them are youngsters. And when you are young, there is always a high rush of adrenaline and hot blood with a little amount of maturity. And women are generally born with that instinct to figure out if a man has developed that maturity or not.

Ask the saucy seductress Kajal Agarwal about it and she has to say a few things about the young tiger Junior NTR. It is credible given the fact that she has worked with Junior in three movies over a span of five to six years. Sharing her thoughts, Kajal reportedly revealed about the seasoning of the star hero.

She reportedly mentioned how Junior has evolved into a more contented and happy person after marriage and also after becoming a father. She asserted on how she could see that satisfaction and fulfillment in his eyes. As always, she didn’t forget to mention how Junior still rocks the dance floor with single steps whereas it takes her atleast four to five takes to get it right. That’s the personality analysis of Junior NTR from yours lovingly Kajal Agarwal.

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