Will Mahesh Babu agree to this?

By - February 12, 2015 - 01:00 PM IST

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“Mahesh… Mahesh… that name has vibrations” – This is just not a movie dialogue. The name has vibrations and indeed a life in it. They say he is minting money through Brand endorsements but the philanthropic side of Mahesh is lesser known to this world.

Superstar Mahesh Babu always volunteered for any good cause and as per our inside sources, he has been recently approached to stand up as the face of Hyderabad. The government of Telangana is quite serious about the sustainable development of Hyderabad into a World class metropolis and wishes to appoint Mahesh Babu as its brand ambassador. The state government is looking to implement this idea as early as possible and is taking all essential measures, as per sources.

However, industry onlookers opine that the government has vested interests behind this brand endorsement proposal. Mahesh always shied away from politics and political motives. But, we need to wait to see if he will actually consider this proposal given the cause and goodwill of the government and its initiative.  

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