Varun Tej Becomes Natural Star

By - February 12, 2015 - 06:07 PM IST

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You know the tradition of big heroes getting special titles and this is followed more in the south than Bollywood. After reading the headline, you might be thinking it is the mega hero Varun Tej but he is not. The man in discussion happens to be a new kid on the block and his name is Naga Varun Tej.

He is all set to make his debut as a hero with the movie Natural Star 90101 40101 which comes with a tagline SMS Only. He is coming in a variety style and is also the director, writer, screenplay provider, music maker and above all the producer as well. The film revolves around the farmer suicide issue.

While the subject is thought provoking, it is the packaging and branding this Natural Star is creating which is giving mixed reactions. Some are saying this title reminds them of the Nagarjuna starrer Shivamani which has a mobile number as the tagline. Well, Varun Tej has titled himself as Natural star so let us see how natural he is onscreen.

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