Discussion About Matured NTR Fans

By - February 14, 2015 - 10:59 AM IST

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If you are a fan of a star hero then it is only emotion which dominates reason and logic. As a result, when someone says something wrong or puts a finger on your favorite star, the reactions are quite violent and intense. But the way fans of young tiger Junior NTR have behaved is drawing a lot of appreciation.

This is due to a scene in the latest release Temper. In this, Junior NTR asks Tanikella Bharani to slap him. The audiences were waiting eagerly to see if Bharani would really slap NTR. This is because if he slaps fans will not spare Bharani and the anger is bound to spread like wildfire across the internet.

But here is the interesting part. As soon as the slap scene came, fans of NTR gave huge applause and mentioned that their hero has adapted to the story and worked as per the script instead of showing hero airs and spoiling script. Usually star heroes never accept scenes like slapping. But Jr NTR did it with a lot of grace and even his fans also received him positively. This speaks strongly about their maturity.

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