Samantha's French Medicine

By - February 18, 2015 - 10:08 AM IST

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Wait a minute! Has Samantha become a doctor? Well, we cannot deny it completely because what she is suggesting right now seems to be a medicine for those with broken heart. The cute smile queen is slated to be a big fan of the famous French-Israel singer and songwriter Yael Naim.

So, recently, she came up with a tweet which goes like this-

"Pachad -Yael Naim. A song that can soothe my soul like no person can. Maybe some of you might find it as useful."

As you can see it is a French song and not sure how Samantha understands it but here is a stanza translated in English for you – ‘Lackluster fear…Envelopes the eyes….Wants you to wait….For him alone…Ties my hands….Says beg me….Give me a hand….Wants you to curl up to him….Wants you to wait for him…Forever’

Well, it looks like Samantha sure finds this song soothing and what is that incident in her life which is making her listen to such emotional songs is a big mystery. For now, take her recommendation and listen to the song and see what you experience.

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